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GLASS ORBS available all year round! 6 inch diameter, planted to match season. $25 fully tax deductible donation to LLS. Globes can be hung from ribbon or fishing wire for floating effect. They are also flat based, so they can sit on desk. 6 inch diameter.



WALL HANGINGS  /  WINE BOXES available year yound. Depending on size $125-200, fully tax deductible donation to LLS.

IMG_6759 IMG_6758


POTS and BARK ARRANGEMENTS available year round. pricing varies from $30-100 depending on size. 

IMG_6381 IMG_6434 IMG_6356 IMG_6351

PUMPKINS available in the fall! Ranging from $35-85 ful depending on size. They can last a year and longer! Succulents can be replanted and pumpkin can be composted. Contact me in October to order them!

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